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How can I help?

Sometimes you need a friendly and knowledgeable ear to talk through your experience, and seek reassurance or seek advice. If you have questions about sleep and you'd like to talk them through with someone you know will never suggest sleep training or non-responsive methods, get in touch. I'm here for you and your family for as long as you need.

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Initial 15-minute consultation


I offer a free chat on the phone to help you decide if working with me will be useful for you. It's a chance to get to know me, and to begin to describe your current situation and the kind of support you're looking for. We can use this call to decide whether a structured plan would be useful for you, or whether you might be better served by ad-hoc support and advice on the phone or in person.

Sleeping Baby

Transitions & sense-checking call


This short and sweet 30-minute call option is for those who want to talk through a plan for making gentle transitions. We can cover:

- Changing where a baby sleeps (eg moving from bed sharing to independent sleep; moving away from contact caps; moving little one to their own room; moving from cot to big bed)

- Changing how a baby falls asleep (eg moving on from bouncing or rocking; moving away from feeding to sleep)

- Introducing another caregiver for sleep

- Gentle approaches to night weaning

- Preparing for transition to childcare settings

We can also use this call to sense check general sleep questions. I will not have the in depth information required to troubleshoot sleeping patterns so if you need support with that, one of my more thorough plans will suit you best. If you're not sure which option is best, just drop me a line!

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Troubleshooting session

£99 for analysis of questionnaire and sleep diary and initial session, £60 for subsequent hours. Concessionary rates offered where needed.

What's included?

- Analysis of a detailed holistic sleep questionnaire and sleep log

- 60 minute face to face session either in person or via Zoom

- Follow up email with written summary of our call, and personalised suggestions

If cost is a barrier for you, I also offer calls on a donation basis - generously supported by other parents. Spaces are limited but if you'd like to get in touch about low-cost 1:1 support, please contact me. 

Mother and Baby

Full consultation and gentle sleep plan


What's included?

- Analysis of holistic sleep questionnaire and sleep log

- In depth written assessment, highlighting areas with potential to see improvement and suggesting any possible changes. You will recieve this in advance of our consultation, so you have time to digest it and come with questions.

- Up to 80-minute consultation (in person or online) to go over the assessment. 

- After our session, I'll send written notes and an action plan (if applicable).

- Two follow up emails over the next two weeks are included in this package.

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Full consultation and follow up


The full consultation package, plus a 60 minute follow up session to be used up to three months after your initial session.

Get in Touch
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Gentle Sleep Peer Support Group

Sliding scale £2-£8

A drop-in group at Rodborough Community Hall in which you can join me and other local parents to learn about normal baby sleep, connect with others, and seek support. The group meets on the third Monday of every month and you can book your space at

Sleeping Baby

Your New Baby's Sleep Workshop

£25 per family

Get together with friends for this two-hour workshop in which you will learn what you can really expect from your new baby's sleep. We'll cover realistic expectations, biologically normal infant sleep, guidelines for safe sleep, and strategies for maximising your family's rest. I run this workshop for a minimum group size of four families. Get together with your new baby friends in your home, mine, or (if a larger group) in a larger venue. If you'd like to arrange a workshop, get in touch to find a suitable time.

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