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Will I ever sleep again?

Will I ever sleep again?

Your guide to infant sleep at four months and beyond. Find out:


  • what's biologically normal when it comes to infant sleep
  • the red flags that indicate something's not right
  • how to optimise sleep holistically
  • how to make supporting sleep sustainable


Jam-packed full of useful tips and reassuring advice, it's everything I wish I had known when my own little one was four months old! 


Your 77-page PDF guide will be delivered straight to your inbox on purchase. 




"I absolutely loved this guide. I wish I had read it when I was pregnant, when my mum friends were sleep training their babies using cry it out methods as what they were telling me didn’t seem instinctively right but I didn’t know what the alternative was. I thought that you had to sleep train to get your baby to sleep.


But I found you and other Gentle Parenting people just in time! This guide tells every new parent what is normal and offers the reassurance that there is more to sleep than ‘training’ your baby not to bother you when they wake up. If and when I have any new mum friends I will be sending them in the direction of this guide as they need to read it." - Charlotte


“Such a useful resource for parents. I found it both helpful in supporting sleep as well as hugely reassuring that what we were doing was on the right track and that so much of what we were experiencing was normal. The advice is useful for babies of all ages too and there are lots of nuggets of super useful knowledge I’ll take with me as our little one grows." - Stacy


"The content of the guide is great. There's so much in it; the summary for tired parents is amazing!


You have mentioned some great practical tips but I guess my favourite aspect is normalising infant sleep and setting clear expectations for what babies should be doing.


Thank you!" - Katie



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