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Encouraging more independent sleep for toddlers

Independent sleep is a hot topic in the baby sleep world, with many people stressing that the key to a settled night's sleep is baby falling asleep independently. I wholeheartedly disagree with this; I know from my own experience and from the many families I've worked with that babies can be supported all the way into sleep and sleep for longer stretches at night when they are ready.

But sometimes parents want or need to encourage a little more independence around sleep for their older toddlers or preschoolers. If more independent sleep is a goal for you as parents (and it isn’t for all parents!) we can both commit to supporting our children AND work to increase their toolkit for feeling safer and more secure while they are alone, in the hope of moving towards more independent sleep when they are ready.

We want to focus on increasing a sense of connection during the day, and maintaining connection overnight. My new free guide covers lots of tips and tricks to top up your child's connection cup and sense of security, supporting them to fall asleep more independently when they are ready to and encouraging more self-settling during the night. Sign up below to get access to your free guide - start working on a gentle path to more independent sleep today!

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