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Stroud Gentle Sleep Support

Supporting families to navigate their children's sleep without sleep training

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I'm Catherine, founder of the Stroud Gentle Parenting Network and a passionate advocate for responsive parenting - day and night. 

​As a new mother I found it difficult to find advice I could trust on my baby's sleep. Many mainstream ideas seemed at odds with my training as a therapist with a special interest in early life relationships, attachment and neurobiology.  I often struggled to find the support I needed to parent in the way that felt right in my bones, and was consistent with all the research I had read about what would help my baby to thrive.


I am so grateful to have eventually found gentle parenting and an approach to infant sleep that supports secure attachment, is evidence-based, and is compassionate towards every member of the family.

I’m here to help new and expectant parents - and those supporting them - learn what to really expect when it comes to your baby's sleep. I want to help you understand what is biologically normal and developmentally appropriate for your baby and how responding to your baby’s needs can shape their brain and future mental health for the better. 

My approach to sleep will help you develop practical strategies to optimise the whole family's sleep - without ever needing to sleep train or leave your baby to cry. 

If this is what you've been looking for, get in touch today for an initial chat. I'd love to get to know more about you and your family, and chat about how I might be able to support you.    

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